Small cat conservationist, wildlife illustrator and parent to 4 fur babies.

This week’s #FishingCatFriday statement was,

“Fishing cats have webbing between their toes. This helps them swim after fish!” 

And we asked you if this was true or false. 

According to the polls, we had a 79% vote for true, and a 21% vote for false. 

Now here’s the kicker. The correct answer is…


This year, #EndangeredSpeciesDay coincided beautifully with #FishingCatFriday. And I asked our followers on Instagram if,

Fishing cats are:

A: Locally Vulnerable + Globally Endangered (12 votes)

B: Locally Endangered + Globally Vulnerable (30 votes)

C: Locally Endangered + Globally Endangered (21 votes)

D: Locally Vulnerable + Globally Vulnerable (8 votes)

*locally indicates Sri Lanka… Since this is a project based in Sri Lanka.


Guest writer: Scott Kayser

Hi everyone! My name is Scott Kayser and I’m a zookeeper who has had the privilege of working with fishing cats for the past 5 years. If you have visited the Urban Fishing Cat website (and I’m assuming you have if you are reading this post), you have seen photos of the two handsome cats that I work with. They are brothers and litter-mates named Tegas and Broucek. Through this blog post, I hope to give a little insight into these cats beyond the photos you’ve seen.