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The Work

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The conservation of fishing cats and urban wetland habitats in Colombo, Sri Lanka through awareness, education and research.

The Fishing cat

Prionailurus viverrinus
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The terrestrial apex predator of Colombo, the fishing cat is a master angler and a wetland specialist. It’s categorised as Endangered in Sri Lanka, and is one of country’s four species of wild cat.

15% of Metropolitan Colombo is covered by wetland habitat!
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Species Diversity

Home to 252 floral species (9 Endemic, 9 nationally Threatened and 11 nationally
Near Threatened) and 277 faunal species (32 Endemic, 18 Threatened, 18 Near
Threatened and 5 Data Deficient)

A Natural A/C

Wetlands can lower the air temperature by 10°C. This effect can also be felt up to 100m away from the wetland habitat!

Disease Control

Cleans water by naturally breaking down pollutants, and purifies the air by trapping and removing particulate matter, reducing cardiopulmonary and respiratory diseases.
Information extracted from the Metro Colombo Urban Development Project’s Wetland Management Strategy – Technical Report 02 ‐ Ecological Status; and from Dr. Matthew Simpson.

The Team

Blue tuk tuk included!
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Anya and Maduranga have been working together since 2014, when Maduranga helped a clumsy conservationist navigate a wetland on a rickety boat. Every since that fateful day, the two can be seen traversing around Colombo in Maduranga’s blue tuk tuk (aka the Fishing Cat Mobile), spreading awareness about fishing cats to the public, or searching for the species in urban wetlands.

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Photography by: Scott Kayser, Emmanuel Keller, Sebastian Kennerknecht, Devaka Seneviratne and Ranushi Siripala.