Wildlife Conservationist. Mother to Sirius and Vega. Powerlifter. Founder of the Urban Fishing Cat Conservation Project. Co-founder of Small Cat Advocacy and Research. Mphil candidate at the University of Queenstalnd, Australia.

This week’s #FishingCatFriday statement was,

“Fishing cats have webbing between their toes. This helps them swim after fish!” 

And we asked you if this was true or false. 

According to the polls, we had a 79% vote for true, and a 21% vote for false. 

Now here’s the kicker. The correct answer is…


This year, #EndangeredSpeciesDay coincided beautifully with #FishingCatFriday. And I asked our followers on Instagram if,

Fishing cats are:

A: Locally Vulnerable + Globally Endangered (12 votes)

B: Locally Endangered + Globally Vulnerable (30 votes)

C: Locally Endangered + Globally Endangered (21 votes)

D: Locally Vulnerable + Globally Vulnerable (8 votes)

*locally indicates Sri Lanka… Since this is a project based in Sri Lanka.


Last Saturday (June 2nd) we joined the Diyasaru Park team for an awareness programme organised by the Mahanama College Interact Club for their Miracle Life 2018 initiative.  We were the final phase of the Club’s “major green life project” aimed at creating awareness on the importance of wetlands for sustainable cities. The initiative was also held to commemorate the Environment Day theme 2018, BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION.