The Miracle Life 2018

Last Saturday (June 2nd) we joined the Diyasaru Park team for an awareness programme organised by the Mahanama College Interact Club for their Miracle Life 2018 initiative.  We were the final phase of the Club’s “major green life project” aimed at creating awareness on the importance of wetlands for sustainable cities. The initiative was also held to commemorate the Environment Day theme 2018, BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION.

The day started off quite sunny – an unusual phenomenon, since our tiny island has been covered by a massive storm cloud for the past 4 weeks – which progressed to scorching heat and sweat (sigh). But then, as Sandun finished off his introduction and the participants prepared for their field session, the gates of heaven opened up and it poured with rain. The kids sighed.

I on the other hand was secretly pleased, because now, instead of having to power through my talk, I was able to prattle on about my cats to my hearts content! Or, until the rains stopped – and that took a while.

Once the torrential downpour ceased to a pleasant drizzle, the participants were let out for their field session, which was conducted by Sandun and Kalhari. They were given the lowdown on what urban wetlands had to offer in terms of biodiversity, and were able to see many of the different species Diyasaru hid amongst the reeds. The rainy season is definitely the best time to go explore.

Maduranga was in charge of giving the camera trap demonstration, which he nailed. As usual. Participants were shown how we set the traps, why we set them, and were told why camera traps are just the most amazing things ever created!

The day ended with Chethika going over the importance of maintaining and preserving urban wetlands, and how urbanisation impacts these habitats. She also went over the steps the government is taking in order to develop the city while protecting the natural environment, a new concept that’s taking the world by storm.


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