It Has FINALLY Begun

After more than an year of running around, getting all the appropriate permits and letters, I am finally back. Yes, I do have to write about the collaring last year, but I, very sheepishly admit that I got a little lazy with the blog posts!

So anyway, I have my permits, my collars are on the way and I am sitting in office, when I get a call from UPS. My camera’s had arrived, and they would be delivered the next day! It was like Christmas. I was literally squealing and bouncing off the walls at work, temporarily stunning my colleagues who thought that I had finally lost my marbles.

The next day couldn’t have come soon enough. I sat on the edge of my seat most of the day. Every person who walked passed our door made me look up in anticipation. Several false alarms later, the UPS man walked in, carrying a giant box that had the word RECONYX printed on the sides. He placed it on my desk, got a few signatures and was off. I was left at my desk, with the box, wondering if to open it now or later, tear the tape from the left or the right, lengthwise or from the sides. Then I realised that I told Gayani – our trusty lawyer and my partner in all things food related – that I would wait for her before I opened this magical box.

In my defence I waited a good 4 mins before tearing into it. Gayani was pottering around somewhere and she was, in my mind, taking way too long. Stabbing the tape with a pen – the pen nib punched outwards sending the little back piece of my Atlas Chooty pen flying across the room – and ripping it apart I opened the flaps. Inside was neatly packed brown paper, which I gently took off, revealing my new toys. 3 plastic packed Reconyx Hyperfire P900 cameras, 3 metal security boxes, 3 bungee cords with hooks and 3 packs of small cylinders of silica gel. It was all just too much!


Now I need to find a suitable spot for setting these bad boys!

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