Image by: Devaka Seneviratne
Anya Ratnayaka
Founder / Project Coordinator
Anya is a graduate in Wildlife and Conservation Management from the University of Queensland, Australia. As a Global Wildlife Conservation Associate Conservation Scientist and Wildlife Conservation Network Scholar, she has a strong interest in Sri Lankan wildlife and in particular, small wild cat conservation. In 2017 Anya co-founded Small Cat Advocacy and Research (SCAR) with fellow small cat conservationist, Ashan Thudugala.

She is also a local partner of the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation, and a member of the Fishing Cat Working Group.

Maduranga Ranaweera
Field Assistant
A tuk tuk driver by trade, Maduranga fell in love with the work when he helped transport camera traps across a waterway via rickety a boat one fine morning in 2014. He ended up staying and setting up cameras and has been with the project ever since. Bringing in the practical field skills he gained during his time with the Special Task Force, he is an invaluable field assistant, and has saved Anya from many a field accident.

He has even successfully turned his 4 year old daughter into an avid fishing cat lover, as she is often heard educating her friends and family about the species!